Mortality Quotes And Sayings

Best Quotations About Mortality (10 Quotes)

quotes on mortality1. An awareness of one's mortality can lead you to wake up and live an authentic , meaningful life.
- Bernie Siegel

2. On a long enough time line, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero.
- Chuck Palahniuk

3. Awareness of mortality exerts a unique power to focus the mind and heart on essentials.
- Columba Stewart 

4. All men are mortal, and therefore all men are losers.
- John Updike

5. Death tore them apart. Immortality bound them forever.
- Marie Symeou

6. Man's natural and inevitable urge to deny mortality and achieve a heroic self-image are the root causes of human evil.
- Ernest Becker

7. When losing a friend to death, the pain comes not just for the loss but also from the realization of our own mortality.
- D. Russel

8. For the wages of sin is death , but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
- Bible

9.  Statistics have shown that morality increases perceptibly in the military during wartime. 
- Alphonse Allais 

10. The thinker dies, but his thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction. Men are mortal; but ideas are immortal.
- Walter Lippmann


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