Quotes And Sayings About King

Remarkable Quotations On King (9 King Quotes)

king quotes1. Neither soldiers nor money can  defend a king but only friends won by good deeds merit, and honesty.
- Sallust

2. When a woman treats a man like a king, and a man treats a woman like a queen. They make one hell of a team!
- Bryan Burden

3. After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box.
- Ancient Proverb

4. Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.
- Jennifer Donnelly

5. Power makes you a monarch, and all the fancy robes in the world won't do the job without it.
- Laurell K. Hamilton

5. He is a king who fears nothing, he is a king who desires nothing !
- Seneca 

6. Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave had king among his ancestors.
- Unknown

7. We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you.
- Mary Kay Ash

8. Kings in this world should imitate God, their mercy should be above their works.
- William Penn 

9. To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it.
- Elizabeth l