Inspirational Quotes About Employees

Employees Empowering Quotes (10 Quotations)

employees quotes1. When employees are happy, they are your best ambassadors.
- James Sinegal 

2. An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.
- Bob Nelson

3. Employees engage with employers and brands when they're treated as humans worthy of respect.
- Meghan M

4. If you fulfill the wishes of your employees, the employees will fulfill your visions.
- Amit Kalantari

5. When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.
- Betty Bender

6. The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.
- Thomas J Peters

7. They best way to improve your business is to improve the lives of your employees.
- Alaxender Den

8. A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.
- H.S.M Burns

9. Encourage your people to be committed to a project rather than just be involved in it.
- Richard Pratt

10. It is said that employees don't leave companies, they leave people.
- Dale Carnegie


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