Quotes And Sayings On Guts

Remarkable Quotations About Guts (14 Guts Quotes)

guts quotes1. Love is all about guts. If you have it, you fight with the world. If you don't, you fight with yourself.
- Heenashree

2. It's the idea that wins every time the idea with brains and guts behind it.
- John Buchan 

3. If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.
- Brendan Behan 

4. Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary.
- Jessamyn West

5. Winning takes more than guts, it takes an attitude that says 'I Will'.
- Hermann J. Steinherr 

6. In politics, guts is all.
- Barbara Castle

7. It takes a lot of guts (to change), and it's not easy. I was hardcore.
- Ramon Escobar 

8. Have the guts to be true to yourself. Nothing more.
- Robin Sharma

9. The strength or weakness of our faith depends more on guts than reason. He who laughs at omens is not always smarter than the one who believes in them.
- Vauvenargues 

10. If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum. 
- Holly Near

11. I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity, and guts.
- Ronald Reagon 

12. Now is the time for guts and guile. 
- Elizabeth Taylor 

13. Guts win more games than ability.
- Bob Zuppke 

14. If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences. 
- Criss Jami

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