Quotes About Paradise

Great Quotations And Sayings On Paradise (15 Quotes)

paradise quotes1. Paradise is exactly like where you are right now.... only much, much better.
- Laurie Anderson

2. Even paradise could become a prison if one had enough time to take notice of the walls.
- Morgan Rhodes

3. Paradise is always where love dwells.
- Jean Paul Richter

4. If the world was free of problems paradise would loose it's value.
- Mufti Menk

5. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere.
- Paulo Coelho

6. God wants to use us to create a true world of paradise. Let us fall in step and be fervent in doing all that we can.
- ManHee Lee

7. In paradise there are things which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has thought of.
- Prophet Muhammad

8. Hell's the only flip side of paradise. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two.
- Sara Craven

9. Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.
- Karl Popper

10. Patience is the key to paradise.
- Ancient Turkish Proverb

11. Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In flashes across time.
- Victoria Erickson

12. We must prefer real hell to an imaginary paradise.
- Simone Weil

13. He that does good for good's sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.
- William Penn

14. Paradise is surrounded by what we dislike; the fires of hell are surrounded by what we desire.
- Mevlana Rumi

15. Mutual forgiveness of each vice, Such are the gates of Paradise.
- William Blake


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