Compromise Quotes And Sayings

15 Most Popular Quotations About Compromise

quotes on compromise1. A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.
- Ludwig Erhard

2. Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another - too often ending in the loss of both.
- Tryon Edwards

3. Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.
- Robert Louis

4. One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.
- Chinua Achebe

5. Compromise is simply when we change the answer to fit the question.
- Merrit Malloy

6. Do what is right, be valiant for the truth, teach it without compromise, and all lovers of the truth will approve you; For all others, you need not care a rush.
- J. Thomas

7. Life is much more of a compromise than I ever imagined.
- Mark Heard

8. Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break.
- H.G Wells

9. You may either win your peace or buy it: win it, by resistance to evil; buy it, buy compromise with evil.
- John Ruskin

10. No compromise with main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong.
- Winston Churchill

11. I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.
- Amit Kalantri

12. Compromise cannot be allowed in cases where the exact truth is ascertainable.
- Arthur Lynch

13. I'm a compromiser and a maneuverer. I try to get something. That's the way our system works.
- Lyndon B. Johnson

14. Compromise is never anything but an ignoble truce between the duty of  a man and the terror of a coward.
- Reginald Wright

15. Compromise is when one person wants to rob a bank and the other person does not and they compromise to rob a person outside of the bank.
- Christopher Myers


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