Influential Sayings And Quotes On Capacity

Collection Of Famous Capacity Quotes (14 Quotations)

capacity quotes1. The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.
- Thomas S. Monson

2. Mistakes are a combination of your choices and has nothing to do with your capacity.
- Bidemi Mark-Mordi

3. Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.
- Sorm Jameson

4. The fruit of liberal education is not learning , but the capacity and desire to learn; not knowledge, but power.
- Charles William Eliot

5. As is our confidence , so is our capacity.
- William H.

6. Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.
- Rabindranath Tagore

7. People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing. A leader's job is to help people have vision of their potential.
- John Porter

8. The capacity to care is the the thing that gives life its deepest meaning and significance.
- Pablo Casals

9. The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.
- Ben Okri

10. The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.
- Brian Herbert

11. I know that there's a capacity for change in everyone. I believe that.
- Katy Perry

12. Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty.
- John Huston 

13. Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability, which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.
- Alfred North Whitehead

14. Freedom is man's capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves.
- Rollo May


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