Quotes And Sayings On Injustice

Famous Quotations About Injustice (11 Quotes)
injustice quotes
1. Racism and injustice and violence sweep our world, bringing a tragic harvest of heartache and death.

- Billy Graham

2. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King

3. Every social injustice is not only cruel, but it is economic waste.

- William Feather 

4. Only the sufferers of injustice can realize its intensity.

- Imam Al-Kazim 

5. The glaring injustice is there for all who are not blinded by prejudice to see.

- Bram Fisher 

6. Injustice is not always associated with action. Usually it is an inaction.

- Marcus Aurelius

7. One had better die fighting against injustice than die like a dog or a rat in a trap.

- Ida B. Wells

8. It takes a great courage to open one's heart and mind to the tremendous injustice and suffering in our world.

- Vincent A. Gallagher

9. Power concedes nothing without a demand. The struggle for justice must never be adjourned. The forces of injustice do not take vacations.

- Ralph Nader

10. A hurtful act is the transference to others of the degradation which we bear in ourselves.

- Simone Well

11. Injustice is relatively easy to bear, what stings is justice.

- Henry Louis

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